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You can stop searching! We've been installing custom glass screens (bath tub shower doors) in bathrooms all over Hollywood FL for 8 years. We are licensed, bonded and insured.

You are making a great choice. Adding glass partitions in your bathroom is a great way to upgrade your home. Glass is modern, elegant, and practical. A properly installed partition will raise the value of your home. Your bathroom will look bigger, and will offer you new functionality.



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Yan Kim has been the man behind the consistent quality work being done by Hollywood Custom Glass & Mirror for the last 8 years. You know you are in good hands when Yan and his team go to work.

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We use brands that go the distance. When making your material and hardware selection, chose from the most reputable brands and enjoy an unbeatable warranty from Hollywood Custom Glass & Mirror of up to 3 years.

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I know what you are thinking - "Man, I need a reliable, competent contractor for this project. Someone trustworthy and experienced. For this project everything must come out just perfect." I get it. We wouldn't expect anything less from anyone we hired either. We pledge that we will work on your project as if it was our own home or storefront. When you trust us with your custom glass project, you know it will be executed to a perfection. - Yan Kim

What's the number one upgrade I can do in my bathroom?

Custom sliding bathtub splash screens
Custom sliding bathtub splash screens

You can probably guess. There is no better way to upgrade your bathroom than by adding a beautiful and modern glass screen. Adding a bathtub glass partition is the best way to bring your home into the 21st century.

Is a permit required for adding a bathtub partition?

Glass screen installation is one of those rare jobs that actually does not require a permit (unless plumbing is somehow involved). So we can get started right away.

Can we install a tempered glass impact-proof shatter-resistant glass partition?

Absolutely. We only use tempered glass in our bathtub glass partitions.

Is tempered safety glass shatter proof?

You might be surprised to find out, that the answer is "no". The term tempered implies that the glass will not break into sharp shards. Instead, tempered glass is designed to break into dull round pebbles, thus keeping you safe. But tempered glass is in fact stronger than regular glass.

Is there such a thing as shatter proof impact resistant glass?

Yes, there is . The two most often used terms are toughened and heat strengthened glass. Toughened glass is the toughest of them all. Heat strengthened is less so.

And there is also laminated glass, which has a layer of PVB or EVA sandwiched between two planes of regular glass (glass in your car is made that way). Laminated glass is perfect in situations where there is a risk of shattering.

When you get in touch we can help you choose proper glass for your need.

When is the tempered glass required?

The building codes may differ, but it is usually required in the situations where someone can kick or punch the glass by accident. So if your glass extends to the floor, or is right next to a door, it likely needs to be a safety glass. Bathroom glass must always be tempered.

What are common reasons for why glass may shatter?

It could be an improper installation that puts undue stress on the glass, or an inclusion/defect in the glass pane itself. But the most common cause is a sudden and large change in temperature - keep that in mind when directing cold water on warm glass or the other way around. Nevertheless, shattered shower glass is a very rare occurrence and requires a perfect storm of circumstances. Generally, you are very safe in your shower.

What's the deal with low-iron color neutral glass?

Traditionally the glass has a slight greenish-blue tint to it. This is due to a minuscule amount of iron that has been used in its production. In recent years a new color neutral glass has appeared on the market that has no hue to it whatsoever. Fittingly, it is called color neutral glass. Whether to use it is an aesthetic choice. Keep in mind that the low iron glass can really blend into the surroundings, making it easy to run into, so it is not to be used without a consideration. Custom etching and frosting can help with invisibility as well.

What's the difference between acid etched, frosted, sandblasted, and satin glass?

These are all different types of non-transparent glass. Name difference is due to a different process used. Some processes require treatment of the entire glass surface, while others allow for stenciled designs (may be intricate or as simple as a single visibility/safety stripe).

How soon will my glass be ready?

Stock glass panels can be installed as quickly as 1 week from receiving an order, while custom enclosures generally take 3-5 weeks. In some cases, lead time can be increase due to custom finishes or the complexity of the enclosure.

Sliding glass doors or hinged swing glass doors?

We can design and install either one. Both have their pluses and minuses that we can discuss.

Do you need to repair your bath tub glass partition (broken glass, broken sliding glass, loose glass, glass replacement)?

If your glass partition needs any kind repair, we can definitely help. The glass is usually 1/4" thick, but yours might be different. Call us for details.

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